About Mind Wear Apparel

MindWearApparel is dedicated to providing ‘thought provoking’ words, statements, quotes, phrases and images on great apparel and accessories that cause independent thought, thinking and conversations.


We believe what you think is the result of how you think, and that “thinking” is one of the most important ‘skills’ anyone can learn, develop and master.


Our goal is to help you learn, grow, and become more informed resulting in better thoughts and decisions for both you and those around you.


Your thoughts and suggestions are extremely valued and welcomed so please be sure to connect with us. We’d love to hear from you!


Thank you for visiting our site and purchasing our products!


From all of us here at MindWearApparel…
All the best! Wear Your Best! Wear Your Mind!

Designs – by Scotty Roberts
We are privileged to have Scotty Roberts design some of our works, including Knowledge Apocalypse, The Great reThink, The Nexus, and 6ix Pack Simple !
Scotty will be creating new designs in the future, we hope you find this original artwork as compelling and enjoyable as we do!
You can contact Scotty at his web site: http://scottalanroberts.com/


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